Water park, local excursions, sea, mountains or kitesurf

Water park, local excursions, sea, mountains or kitesurf

we have an agreement and recommended by “Aquapark odissea 2000 http://www.odissea2000.it/odissea2008/ .



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Kitesurf is the way

…kite surfing Fancy trying your hand at an extreme sport? The power and strength of the wind in your hands, balance and elegance as you glide over our beautiful Ionian Sea. The shape of our coastline allows us to enjoy the right wind from all directions. The Bed and Breakfast Morsu Alba has an agreement and associated with the commercial "Namurra" (visit the webs[..]


Check-in is from 12:30 on the day of arrival and rooms must be vacated by 10:30 on the day of departure. Breakfast is served from 08:00 to 10:00 Children 0-6 year’s stay for free. Group discounts available and for those staying longer than 7 nights (even in high season!) Pets Allowed but this does depend on availability. They will be accommodated in comfortable faci[..]


Guided tours to discover the beauty of the Sybaris Plains, Rossano’s ancient city, Sila and many other routes can be created for you!          Discover the most beautiful Italian landscape with the help of our friends in "Achaean colonies" www.colonieachee.it.   [..]

licorice Amarelli

A Rossanese specialty! The aromas of licorice and the secrets of a family who, since 1731, delighting millions of fans and admirers with this specialty: the sassolini, the rombetti, the spezzata, the Bianconeri ... Guided tours of the museum of licorice "Giorgio Amarelli." www.amarelli.it   [..]

…discover the local cusine

There are unlimited options for meals in Rossano! Whether you want to try some of the more traditional, local dishes, or just a pizza cooked in a wooden oven, we have something for everyone. We can arrange dinner at the best restaurants in the area at discounted prices. We can also arrange dinner with a magical atmosphere in the historical town centre, where time seems to stand still. In t[..]

the sea and beaches

Are you in search of tranquility? A fresh fish dinner made for you to enjoy ​​in front of an unbeatable sea view? Or simply enjoy a drink under an umbrella after a day spent at the beach. The B&B Morus Alba has an agreement with the all the beaches in the area. Depending on your needs and tastes, you bet we can offer a beach that's just perfect for you? [..]
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The country

The Morus Alba B&B overlooks the Ionian Sea from the top of a beautiful hill and in its large garden filled with plamettes and olive trees you will find a mulberry tree lovingly planted by Grandma Linda. Mare e Monti is drawn together by the stories of precious accessories, art and culture. T[..]
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Water park, local excursions, se..

we have an agreement and recommended by “Aquapark odissea 200[..]

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